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Guest Judge for Anyone Can Create Contest
Derek Young,Wealth Manager

Beef Stroganoff Laksa

Derek combines his love for meat and spice in this belly-warming comfort food.

#1 Seasoning

Use fish sauce when seasoning steak, instead of salt and pepper to amplify the umami.

#2 Resting

After searing the beef, tent it with foil for half of the cooking time.

#3 Cooking

Use cooking cream instead of milk for the laksa sauce to prevent curdling.

#4 Storing

Store herbs like kaffir lime leaves and curry leaves in the freezer for long-term freshness.

Kimberly Chan,Graduate

Kaya Gula Melaka Tiramisu

Kimberly experiments with her favourite condiment to create an otherworldly dessert.

#5 Balancing Flavours

Add salt to the Gula Melaka syrup for a complex and robust flavour.

#6 Storing

Store brown sugar with a slice of bread to prevent hardening.

#7 Whipping Cream

Whip cold cream with sugar to raise it’s height and ensure lighter consistency.

#8 Over-whipping cream

Avoid over-whipping cream as it will turn to butter.

Karen,Mother/Office Administrator

Chicken Rice Risotto

Karen and Kyan enjoy a hearty meal with the taste of both worlds.

#9 Marinating

Marinate or brine the chicken breast for 2 hours in the fridge to ensure that it’s juicy.

#10 Cooking

Cook the chicken breast gently at low heat to stop it from drying out.

#11 Cooking with Butter

Wait for the butter to stop foaming before adding ingredients.

#12 Slicing Onions

Use a sharp knife and slice onions lengthwise, from stem to root, to minimise tearing.

Rendang Spiced Sio Bak

The Meatmen Cooking Channel creates its own Mod-Sin (Modern Singaporean) inspired dish with a local flair.

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